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Meet Dr. Dan Timmerman

Chiropractor Winnipeg, Dr. Dan TimmermanFascinated with Chiropractic from a Young Age

Dr. Dan has always been fascinated by our body’s ability to heal and he loves providing health and wellness care to Winnipeg families.

Dr. Dan’s decision to become a chiropractor was hugely based on the fact that his great friend’s dad was a chiropractor. This same friend attended school to become a chiropractor. Dr. Dan always loved chiropractic and started seeing a chiropractor in 7th or 8th grade following some sports injuries. A friend of his recommended that he see his chiropractor. “I started seeing him. I was very intrigued by it. I still remember that as a younger kid and being really fascinated by how this all works.”

Dr. Dan didn’t get a bigger picture until he started seeing a chiropractor for a while. Then in 10th grade, he got into a car accident and started seeing his friend’s dad, the chiropractor. He taught Dr. Dan what chiropractic is and how it affects someone’s health and life.

That’s when I really started thinking about chiropractic as a career; a car accident directed me in that way.

Everything We Need to Be Healthy

The underlying philosophy of chiropractic is that we have everything that we need on the inside to be healthy. We still need good food, exercise and sleep, but on the inside, we have the ability to heal. Everything just needs to work properly.

Dr. Dan finds it fascinating how everything is so controlled by that power that we have on the inside of us to heal. An adjustment, for example, enables our body to be able to heal again. Dr. Dan often sees patients come in at the tail end of their issues. At that point, they’ve already seen a lot of doctors, including chiropractors, and just want answers. It’s then when they’re most willing to dive in and find out how chiropractic care can work and help them.

A Way of Life and a Passion

Dr. Dan attended Life University in Georgia. His friend’s father told him it was the best school for chiropractic, so it was clear to him that that’s where he wanted to go.

One of the highlights of his education was meeting people from all over the world. “I had classmates in their 40s, 50s and 60s.” He saw that they were passionate about becoming a chiropractor even at 50 years old. For Dr. Dan, chiropractic isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life, it’s a passion that he wanted to tap into.

Outside-the-Office Interests

When he’s not working, Dr. Dan and his amazing wife, Rhonda, love spending time with their three young boys, who are active in sports. He also likes to run and plays both golf and hockey.

Learn more about Dr. Dan’s safe and gentle chiropractic care. Call (204) 474-1159 today to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Dan Timmerman | (204) 474-1159