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Enjoy Better Health at Lindenwoods Chiropractic

“We want to do anything we can to help you get better.”

Whether you have aches and pains or feel like your immune system has taken a beating, Winnipeg chiropractors, Dr. Dan and Dr. Pascal can help you get on the road to optimal health and wellness. Chiropractic is completely natural, allowing you to achieve good health without the conventional use of prescription drugs or surgery. At Lindenwoods Chiropractic, we specialize in making it easy for patients to understand what to do to get and stay healthy.

A Form of Natural Healing

Chiropractic helps the body to heal itself naturally so you not only will feel better, but you’ll be better as well. We believe that chiropractic is a requirement for reaching your maximum health potential. Before your body can heal and get healthy, however, we need to know what’s going on inside. That’s why we take X-rays and computerized posture scans to help determine your areas of concern. We will then determine how long it will take to fix the problem and how many visits are needed to accomplish that goal.

Chiropractic as Part of Your Health Arsenal

Just as eating well, sleeping well, and exercising regularly all contribute to overall good health, chiropractic should be considered part of your health arsenal. We offer our patients a comprehensive array of the best wellness-based chiropractic care and education in Winnipeg:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Corrective exercises
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Wellness workshops

A Practice That’s Warm and Welcoming

Dr. Dan, Dr. Pascal and the staff offer a warm and welcoming environment. We want you to feel as comfortable as if you were at home. Our serene Winnipeg South office and cheerful décor set the scene for a positive experience for all of our patients.

Discover how we can help you get better today. Call (204) 474-1159 to schedule an appointment.

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