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Scoliosis Care in Winnipeg

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Scoliosis is defined as a sideways curvature of the spine when seen from the front with rotation when looking at the spine from above. Scoliosis can affect the self-esteem of those who suffer from it.

The Negative Effects of Scoliosis

Many sufferers experience pain, neurological issues, cosmetic concerns and lifelong disability. Significant curves may even require spinal fusion surgery.

Though it doesn’t always cause physical pain, scoliosis may also create psychological issues that come with rib humps and deformities.


Are you wondering if you or your child could have scoliosis? There are some signs to look for.

  • Those with scoliosis often have back pain, shoulder pain and even neck pain.
  • Shoulders appear uneven. One shoulder blade also could stick out more than the other.
  • The waist or hips appear uneven.
  • If you look at the shoulder blades behind the rib cage, you could see abnormal rounding in the rib cage, or what we call rib humping when you or your child bends forward.
  • Significant twisting or rotation in the rib cage are all signs that there is some underlying problem with the spine that could be scoliosis.

Scoliosis can progress rapidly in growing children, therefore when any of these symptoms are present, it’s important to schedule an in-depth exam right away. Scoliosis can also progress in the adult population due to weakening and degeneration of the spine over time.

Significant twisting or rotation in the rib cage are all signs that there’s some underlying problem with the spine that could be scoliosis.

The current approach to addressing scoliosis is to watch it get worse before taking action. Modern advances show that early intervention is a better choice. We agree. At our practice, our doctors are pleased to offer noninvasive treatment options that can correct the problem without the need for surgery:

Our chiropractors will have a consultation with you, getting your health history. If your history suggests the possibility of Scoliosis or another spinal problem, they will perform an exam and take X-rays. We need to take X-rays to accurately assess and diagnose your condition. Based on the results of the exam and X-rays, a customized protocol that’s tailored to meet your needs will be prescribed. We also would provide you with 3D scoliosis bracing.

At our practice, we will tailor a program that meets your needs and relies on evidence-based care. Successful care depends on the age of your diagnosis, curve magnitude and your goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for scoliosis treatment.

“I Am a Believer in Chiropractic”

“Honestly, all my fears and concerns about my condition were all gone since I started to become a patient at Lindenwoods Chiropractic. In the past, when I had no knowledge about chiropractic treatment and how it can address my condition, I would cry at night thinking one day I may become a hunchback old lady. The clinic educated me about Scoliosis. They did not treat my back only but my wrong perception too. So I am a believer in chiropractic. And now I feel I am just in good hands. All my back pain is gone too.

In the hands of an expert, which is a chiropractor, Scoliosis cannot make anyone suffer for long. When discovered early it can be treated quickly. Based on my experience with the clinic they do not only just adjust spine but take care of the total health of the whole person. Having programs for healthy living, healthy diet and positive messages on the screen. Their approach is holistic.”

– Soni F.


Does scoliosis just affect children and adolescents?

No, one in three adults over 60 will develop scoliosis due to degeneration of the spine. Adults over 50 with any postural shifting or back pain should get checked as soon as possible.

What causes scoliosis?

Most cases are idiopathic, which means no known cause. Genetics are involved in 30 percent of cases. The best way to prevent scoliosis from getting worse is early detection.

At what age should kids be screened for scoliosis?

Girls should be screened between 10-12 and boys between the ages of 11-13. Parents should have all their children checked, especially if one has already been diagnosed.

Book a Consultation

If you think you or your child has scoliosis, contact Lindenwoods Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation for scoliosis treatment in Winnipeg. We also encourage you to check out the ScoliScreen® online screening tool.



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