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Lindenwoods Chiropractic Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Winnipeg Patients Say

At Lindenwoods Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Lindenwoods Chiropractic care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Patient and Understanding

“I appreciate the time Dr. Pascal took to determine my issues, explain them clearly to me by showing me the x-rays, and what he thinks he can do, and what I can do to help with recovery. He answers any questions that I may have with patience and understanding. I also appreciate the time Dr. Pascal and Dr. Dan took to show newer patients exercises and an eating plan at no charge. To me that shows that you are interested in your patients, want to work with them as a team, and genuinely want the best for them. Thank you!”

˜ B.Z.

Felt Welcomed

“I just want to say a big Thank You to Dr. Dan and all Staff – you’re doing amazing job! From the first step into the Clinic I was feeling so welcomed there! I also was very very happy to see how you work with kids. Both of my kids just loved being there and looking forward to see Dr. Dan again.

I was impressed with the detailed and visual explanation from Dr. Dan about what’s going on with my neck and my body. I didn’t know a lot before I came to see him, but I know I can trust because I was actually shown two pictures: how it suppose to be in the normal way and what I currently have on my x-rays. It helps a lot to understand where you at, especially when you’re not familiar with this type of things. I had just three adjustments but staring feeling better already. What makes even happier is that for all three times I’ve been there I didn’t wait even 2 minutes. I was seen at the moment as I signed in.

Thank you for being professionals! Your work is so appreciated!”

˜ I.S.

Caring and Friendly Staff

“Lindenwoods Chiropractic is a very welcoming facility, the staff is genuinely caring and friendly. The office hours are flexible to work around my shift work schedule. I have noticed a difference in my back pain after a couple of treatments and noticed that my posture has improved after my three month reassessment.

With the X-Ray’s and the alignment pictures I can see for myself what the problems are and I can see the progress along with my treatments. Dr. Dan uses multiple techniques for the adjustments which has significantly helped with my problem areas. Dr. Dan and Pat are great at explaining what needs to be done to successfully correct the neck and spinal issues. The office truly helps promote a healthy lifestyle as well as volunteering in the community.

I have had nothing but positive experience with Lindenwoods Chiropractic. As a young nurse starting off into my career, I think that taking care of my body is important to help me work in my field and sustain less injuries and keep myself healthy. ”

˜ K.B.

Knowledgeable Doctor

“The office environment is lovely; it smells nice with aromatic teas and welcoming faces of staff. Dr. Dan is very knowledgeable and provides a lot of information and quick appointments. My healthcare concerns are particularly unusual and I appreciate that I had a few visits prior to any work being done since three specialists working together have not yet come up with a diagnosis. That peace of mind means a lot when you wake up and can’t walk!

I have had two adjustments and I am walking more smoothly somedays. Thanks Dr. Dan!”

˜ G.M.

Love My Appointments

“I love going to my chiropractor appointments, I actually look forward to going and getting adjusted. The staff are always very friendly with smiles on their faces everyday. Also their scheduling works very well around my schedule, I never have to worry about rushing there or missing an appointment after work.”

˜ J.L.

Results are Unbelievable

“One year ago I had accepted that I would live with back pain for the rest of my life. I took it as a sign of aging at the age of 21. I was just about to leave on a backpacking trip and could not have a full night’s sleep as I would wake up with terrible back pain. I found Lindenwoods Chiropractic online and called them.

I was thinking this would just be a quick pop you back into place kind of appointment, like many other chiropractic offices I’ve visited in the city. I could’ve never imagined that this initial visit would not only help me get through my backpacking trip, but take away all of my back pain! I discovered that my neck was adding a lot of extra weight to my spine as it was set so far forward. Doctor Dan helped me realize that I could be healthy again and this pain could go away!

One year later, my spine is slowly getting corrected and the results are unbelievable! I have been able to have very restful sleeps as well as little to no back pain! I never would have imagined that this could’ve gotten better! Doctor Dan helped me to take care of my body before I really was old and my body became harder to fix.”

˜ C.P.

Strongly Recommend

Not only did my back get better, but also many other problems I had. I am now able to accomplish so much more than before, like running for a longer period of time. I feel more energy than I used to. They showed me exercises I should do at home that don’t take up much time. They take great care of their patients and are very kind. I strongly recommend this chiropractic centre.

˜ J.M.

Helped Me

I started a corrective program at the end of August 2015. I had been to a number of chiropractors for over 20 years, but this was the first time I was told how chiropractic adjustments help the body heal itself. Dr. Timmerman is very caring and takes time to answer questions when asked. I walk now with a straight back and the pain I thought I would have for the rest of my life is gone. 2015 was a very difficult year for me but I found the positive attitude of all the people at the office as well as the excellent client appreciation events helped me. I would strongly recommend others to benefit from this program that helped me so much.
˜ C.D.

Very Fortunate

When I stepped into your office, I was in such pain I couldn’t even dress myself. After only a few days in your care I’m on the road to recovery. I have a significant increase in my range of motion and i notable decrease in pain. I feel very fortunate to have found a chiropractic care centre that is so dedicated to the health and well-being of their patients. Thank you again.
˜ A.O.

Very Positive Experience

The through explanation of how chiropractic works is helpful. It is a relief to hear that there is a cause for your symptoms and that chiropractic can help to relieve these that you are experiencing. The very friendly staff make patients feel welcomed. This contributes to a very positive experience and a desire to return! Love this office!
˜ R.P.

Great Place!

“Having such friendly staff goes such a long way! The system you have in place makes every visit so effortless, which increases the relaxation and sense of community in your waiting room. Everyone is always so happy in your office! It’s unmistakable when young children are consistently in a good mood. You know you’re in a good place when that happens so regularly. Congratulations and thank you for helping my body heal itself!”

˜ S.P.

No More Pain

“In 2006 I saw Dr.Dan for migraines. I came to get adjusted for a few months and all the migraines stopped! Since they stopped, I stopped coming for regular adjustments. Bad idea, because a few years later I started having migraines again, every second day, I was vomiting with each one. I lost feeling in my fingers and was bed-ridden from pain.

I started coming back to see Dr. Dan at that point and within a month the migraines stopped! I’ve now been getting adjusted weekly and the pain hasn’t returned. I can live my life again knowing the migraines will not comes back, and this time, I won’t stop my regular adjustments!”

˜ H.O.

Feeling Stronger than Ever

“Seeing Dr. Dan and his staff has changed my life. In November 2008, my husband and I attended one of his workshops on “Healthy Living” and learned about the different means of attaining health – healing and basic diet, getting rid of toxins, burst training and regular chiropractic adjustments.

My husband and I both suffered from numerous health issues. I have suffered from chronic digestive issues for over 14 years. I have seen dozens of specialists, undergone surgeries and taken a variety of medications over the years. In addition, I have seen naturopaths and tried almost every alternative means of healing. We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on trying to find something that worked.

Read more about M.B.’s story »

When I met Dr. Dan, I had really given up the hope of ever being healthy again – living with chronic pain was something I thought would be with me for life. Dr. Dan’s commitment to overall health and his passion for helping people attain health is what led me to attend the workshop. After attending, my husband and I decided to commit to trying his suggestions for 5 weeks. We followed the healing diet strictly, began burst training and started a regular chiropractic regime. Those five weeks were difficult but Dr. Dan and staff supported and coached us through it. We both noticed significant changes to our health. Those changes inspired us to stick to the basic diet and continue the burst training and chiropractic adjustments.

Within about four months, we had both lost weight, gained energy and noticed a huge decrease in the health issues we had been having. Now, two years later, I look back at that decision to attend Dr. Dan’s workshop as the best decision of my life. We have completely changed how we think about health and as a result, are experiencing the amazing benefits of this new perspective. Although I still have some digestive issues, the chronic pain is gone and I feel like I have a new life. Dr. Dan is incredibly supportive, encouraging and committed to his patients’ health. I would encourage anyone to discover what Dr. Dan and his staff can do for you.

I used to suffer from daily headaches, and all I wanted to do was lie in bed and sleep. Conventional medicine and doctors were unable to help me. After having chiropractic care, the headaches are gone and I feel stronger than ever. Thank you!”

˜ M.B.

Noticeable Improvement

“Prior to attending Lindenwoods Chiropractic, I had been advised by the surgeons and doctors that there were no options available to me for pain management other than meds and physio. However when I was told this, I was also told it would be months before I could start physio and months before I could see the pain doctor. In the three months I have been getting adjusted at Lindenwoods Chiropractic I have noticed a large improvement in my pain, and have not needed any further medications. My stamina and energy are rising, and my outlook is greatly improving!”

˜ W.W.


“Several months ago I hurt my left shoulder & damaged my rotator cuff. After several months of physio, it seemed less painful but I was told this type of injury would take a long time to heal and that my shoulder will need strengthening. So I did yoga, joined a boot camp, then a gym and after several years went back to physio. I was still getting headaches and migraines from the muscles in my shoulder and back tensing up. I wasn’t sleeping well and would wake up every time I needed to turn over. It was getting ridiculous and I was getting desperate. A colleague told me about Dr. Dan and how he’s helped her.

Read more about C.W.’s story »

Hmm…I was very sceptical and had never seen a chiropractor before. I looked up a chiropractic adjustment on youtube and frankly I was mortified, terrified and rather sick to my stomach; but did I mention that I was desperate? So I decided that if I didn’t like what he had to say I was outta there. The scales showed I was carrying 10lbs more on my left foot! Well, you can bet that after Dr. Dan left the exam room I jumped right back on the scales with the opposite feet! Enough of this hocus-pocus! (I actually looked around the room for a candid camera.) Sure enough, the scales still showed 10lbs more on my left foot!

After the initial consultation and upon seeing the x-rays, it showed clearly what was going on. One shoulder was higher than the other – well I could see that at the gym – and my hips were also out. I didn’t have a curve in my neck either. So that’s why it felt like I could never stretch out my right glute the same as my left. That’s why I tore it and had to go for massage therapy. And that’s why I was still having IBS symptoms even though I was on a gluten-free diet for my celiac. And that’s why my shoulder, neck and back were sore. It wasn’t because I’m approaching 50!

It’s been several months that I have been seeing Dr. Dan. His gentle attitude, humor and clear explanations to any questions I have certainly put me at ease. I’m pain-free, feeling stronger, healthier, happier and younger!”

˜ C.W.

Gave Me Hope

“I have been seeing a chiropractor most of my life. They all would say the same thing and never offered to actually help. Finally with Dr. Dan, I was helped on so many levels! He honestly cared about my health issues and concerns. Whether it be anxiety, depression, sore neck, dizziness, fatigue, sleep, etc. He gave me hope! Finally!”

˜ J.S.

Seeing Improvement

“When I started receiving chiropractic care, I had neck and middle back pain and stiffness. As well as rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, elbows, hips, knees and feet. After two years of chiropractic, my x-rays showed a good neck alignment, but still some middle back problems. At the same time, the arthritis in my upper body has stopped, only remains in my knees. I hope that as my middle back alignment improves, the arthritis in my knees will stop.”

˜ N.K.

A Partner in Health

“I used to have back spasm episodes a few times a year. I’d have to take time off work and just lay on the couch with ice. After about 4 months of seeing Dr. Dan these episodes have stopped – and haven’t returned! My sleep is also better, and with the additional traction exercises that I’ve been given by Dr. Dan I’m confident that I am on a much healthier path now! I don’t have to miss work, or social events because of back pain anymore. I walk straighter and am happier about life now that I’m not trapped because of back pain. I’ve seen a few chiropractors and Dr. Dan is the only one that has been consistent in being a ‘partner’ in my health. He takes time to assess your needs and is genuinely interested in people becoming healthy individuals.”

˜ T.E.

Feeling Happier and Healthier

“I have learned a new way of living, I am happier, healthier and setting new goals for myself because I can now do things I couldn’t last year! I feel like I own my body again, without painkillers! It doesn’t take long, come in and see, you won’t regret it!”

˜ A.F.

Thumbs Up

“Dr. Dan is an excellent chiropractor, he is a very compassionate, caring individual. He takes the time to answer questions and is always updating his own knowledge by attending seminars regularly. He gives freely of his time to give talks on health issues. He is very supportive and encouraging. Dr. Dan is a very genuine individual who cares for you mental and physical well-being. He has helped me tremendously. I go to him on a regular basis. Thumbs up, way up Dr. Dan.”

˜ N.N.

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