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Why Headaches Aren't Normal

Woman with headacheYou know when a headache is coming on: it may start as a throb in the back of your neck. You might feel it in your temples, behind your eyes or in your forehead. What do you do? Pop a pill and hope for the best? We’ve got news for you that might change your mind.

The latest research shows that your neck curve can play an essential role in your likelihood to suffer from headaches. Having the proper curve in your neck means that you have less of a chance of being a headache sufferer.

Where Your Pain Is Coming From

So, what affects the curve in your neck? Think about your daily activities: sitting at a computer, staring down at your phone, spending time on your tablet. Each of these activities puts added pressure on the nerves of your neck. This damage results in your headaches.

There are three main types of headaches:

Cervicogenic. Poor posture, structural changes in your neck or shoulders or whiplash can produce pain that seems to originate from the area where your head attaches to your neck.

Migraine. If you’ve had a migraine before, you know the pain is unmistakable. You might be nauseous, sensitive to light and are unable to go about your daily activities.

Tension. If you’re tense in the head, neck or shoulders, this type of headache will result. Often, they’re caused by emotional stress.

Why You Should Consider Chiropractic

Headaches are a common reason that many people visit a chiropractor. When you become a patient at Lindenwoods Chiropractic, we’ll dig deep to find the cause of your headaches. You’ll learn about the lifestyle changes you can make to relieve your suffering and get long-term results.

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