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Knee Pain Relief in Winnipeg

man holding knee in painKnee pain can be a debilitating condition that affects your quality of life. It can start with an injury from years ago, like a fall or a sports-related accident, which may not have caused immediate pain but triggered a gradual breakdown over time.

Your daily activities and posture can significantly influence the progression of knee issues. For example, sitting for extended periods or having a degraded posture over time can put undue stress on your knees. If your body weight shifts in front of the knee instead of being directly on top, it can accelerate the breakdown. Similar to the foundation of a house, your knee is designed to bear weight. Any shift in this balance can lead to problems.

Evaluating Range of Motion and Soft Tissue Injuries

The first step in addressing your knee discomfort is a comprehensive evaluation by one of our chiropractors. They’ll examine your range of motion and check for soft tissue injuries. If you have limited mobility or soft tissue damage, you may need intervention from a physiotherapist to help regain proper movement and decrease pain.

Identifying the Source of the Pain

The cause of your knee pain could range from a specific knee issue to a postural problem or a sports injury. Understanding the root cause is crucial to crafting an effective treatment plan. We strive to find the best way to help you regain normal movement and reduce discomfort.

The Interconnectedness of Body Pain

It’s important to understand that knee pain doesn’t exist in isolation. An initial injury in one area, such as the ankle, can cause you to shift your weight to one side, leading to increased knee, hip, or lower back discomfort. Therefore, looking at the bigger picture, understanding your typical posture and identifying the primary injury are all essential.

This holistic approach at the practice allows us to address the immediate issue and help your body get as close as possible to a normal position, improving movement, range of motion, and reducing pain.

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