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Disc Issues Treatment in Winnipeg

human spine modelDisc conditions refer to spinal issues arising from different factors, such as accidents, injuries, poor posture, or natural aging. These could manifest in several ways, including disc thinning or bulging, causing discomfort or chronic pain for the patient.

When the spine is in good health and moving correctly, there’s minimal stress placed on the discs. However, with time and due to various incidents such as slips, falls, or accidents, we might lose our spine’s normal position and range of motion. This accelerates the breakdown and damage of the discs.

Types of Disc Conditions

Over time, this breakdown could cause the disc to narrow, a condition commonly known as disc thinning. If you’ve ever been told by a doctor that your discs are thinning, it essentially means there’s a breakdown of that joint. This could eventually lead to arthritis, characterized by bone spurs, as the body tries to fuse the joint due to the excessive pressure and stress on the disc.

In cases where there’s a sudden shift or malposition of the spine, the materials within the disc could bulge out or protrude, potentially causing direct pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. This results in pain and discomfort.

Ensuring Spinal Health

To prevent or manage these conditions, it’s crucial to ensure that your spine is moving well and has a proper range of motion. At Lindenwoods Chiropractic, we’ll conduct a thorough spinal exam, including X-rays if necessary, which can help determine the state of your disc. Whether it’s at the start of a breakdown or has years of damage and arthritis, knowing the condition of your disc allows our chiropractors to recommend the best adjustment, stretch, and exercise for you.

How We Help

For patients dealing with disc conditions, one of the most effective treatment options we offer is in-office traction. This method helps open up those disc spaces, providing relief, especially for patients with disc issues, breakdown, or arthritis.

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