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Why Does It Seem Like Chiropractors Always Adjust the Same Area?

woman mid-back-adjustmentIf you’ve had multiple trips to a chiropractor, you might realize that you’re getting adjustments in what feels like the same place over and over again. Why don’t chiropractors move around more? Why don’t they change up techniques and areas more frequently?

To answer that, let’s jump in and explore the field of chiropractic care more closely.

The Reason for Consistent Adjustment Locations

The truth is the needs of the spine largely stay the same throughout an adult’s life. Most people get settled into a job and a routine, setting up patterns that their body defaults to following, such as a specific posture while sitting or standing.

Unless you’re very young or something major happens, such as an injury or lifestyle shift, your body will continually break down similarly. For example, for those of us who have bad posture while sitting at a desk and staring at a screen all day, stress is going to build in the spine in the same key areas:

  • The very top of the neck (where the spine meets the skull)
  • The base of the neck
  • The midpoint of the back

At these common pressure points, the joints can stiffen up over time. The adjustment is meant to restore movement and combat the degeneration process, but the same problems can easily recur if the same behavior and posture are repeated.

Healing Means Moving in the Right Direction

Our chiropractors aim to slow down and eventually halt the degeneration that occurs when the spine is misaligned and motion is limited. In diagnosing unhealthy patterns and utilizing chiropractic techniques, we can move your body toward the direction of proper functioning and movement. But to achieve optimal health, we need time and your help.

Start Progressing to Your Optimal Health

You can alleviate stressors and optimize your body’s health through adjustment and at-home exercises that bring incremental progress and reduce your need for frequent visits to the chiropractor.

Contact Lindenwoods Chiropractic in Winnipeg to begin your healing journey!

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