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What Type of Pillow Should I Use?

Here’s a question that comes my way at least once a day: what’s the best pillow to use when I’m sleeping?

The right pillow is dependent on your favorite position to sleep in. Your body type also comes into play. Are you a guy with massive shoulders? A child who’s still growing?


Make sure you choose a pillow that supports your neck

Basic Pillow Guidelines

• Purchase a pillow that’s orthopedically-designed. These usually have curves, rolls and indentations. The most important feature is good neck support, where the upward curve of the pillow is located. This curve helps to support your natural cervical curve, and will help you avoid neck pain, headaches and a multitude of other problems.

• Don’t use multiple pillows that only support the head and shoulders. This will produce an unnatural, forward projection of the neck, which can lead to pain and poor nervous system function.

• Choose a pillow that is low in allergy-producing material. Bamboo is often a good choice, as well as other hypo-allergenic materials.

• If you’re using a hotel pillow, try to roll or stuff the pillow under your neck for good support.

Children Don’t Need Pillows

Children don’t even require the use of a pillow until at least the age of 12.

Ever notice how peacefully a baby or toddler sleeps without the use of any type of pillow?

Until mature development of the shoulder and upper body, there is no need to provide your child with a pillow for restful sleep. The only part of the body that requires good support is the neck, and this usually occurs around the age of 12, when there’s room between the shoulders and head for proper pillow support.

Use of the proper pillow will not only support your adjustments, but will yield improved nervous system function. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!


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