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Understanding Your Symptoms

Before we dive into this conversation, let’s all decide to agree on an ageless law: Our bodies were designed to function and heal optimally. This is a basic tenet of health, and something that must be understood and accepted. If not, our only recourse is to assume that symptoms are normal.

Here are some typical comments that most doctors hear on a regular basis:

“I’m just getting older.”
“It must be my age.”
“It’s because of my family history.”
“It’s in my genes; it can’t be helped.”

Sound familiar?

Symptoms Are Your Friend

woman in pain

What’s your symptom trying to tell you?

When you start to understand that your body was designed to work well, in perpetual harmony, you see that symptoms play a unique and important role.

Let’s pretend that your symptom is the smoke alarm that goes off in the middle of the night to alert you to fire. There’s something that isn’t functioning well in your home. If you just stagger out to the smoke alarm device and sleepily remove the batteries, the annoying noise stops. But you may very well perish in your bed as the house is engulfed in flames!

Think of the state of your health in the same way: you’re experiencing headaches, back pain, a breathing problem, or a digestive issue. You take a pill, potion or lotion so that you can numb away the discomfort and continue to do the very things that created the symptom in the first place.

Symptoms are your friend. They’re there to say, “Hey, something’s not right.” When you ignore or pacify your symptoms, you’re inviting the potential for a body that breaks down prematurely, without your consent or knowledge.

How Should Symptoms Be Handled?

Find out the cause of your pain, discomfort or dysfunction.

This is where chiropractic shines. This profound protocol is what brings healing and hope to so many:

  • We look for the cause of your symptom.
  • We remove the cause through relieving the pressure on specific spinal nerves.
  • We allow the body to heal and work the way it was designed to work.

It’s as simple as that. Alter your viewpoint on your symptoms and change your life!


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