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The Neurological Impact of Improved Spinal Position

curved spine overlay on backWhen we consider visiting a chiropractor, we often focus on finding relief from aches and pains. But there’s so much more happening beneath the surface.

Pain may be easy to address, but the true magic lies in the neurological improvements that occur when our bodies start to heal and function better.

The key to understanding this phenomenon lies in the age-old adage: “Structure dictates function.” Just like a house with a crumbling foundation, our bodies rely on proper structure to function optimally. In particular, the spine plays a critical role in our overall well-being. When it is in its correct position, our bodies can function at their best.

Unraveling the Hidden Benefits

As patients experience the benefits of chiropractic adjustments, they often notice improvements beyond the initial reason for their visit. Better sleep, improved digestion, increased energy levels, and enhanced breathing are just some of the positive side effects that patients commonly report. These improvements result from the restored functionality that comes with aligning the spine.

Understanding the Impact of Poor Posture

Consider the common issue of bad posture—rounded shoulders, forward-leaning head, and hunching over a computer. This misalignment wreaks havoc on our joints, disrupting the flow of crucial information to our brains. It’s a classic case of “garbage in, garbage out.” When the brain receives faulty signals from the spine, it can’t effectively coordinate our body’s responses.

Moreover, poor posture also leads to a lack of signal transmission. Our brain can only respond to what it receives. If a joint is not functioning properly, it fails to send enough or appropriate information to the brain. It’s like a malfunctioning security camera that can’t provide a clear picture of what’s happening. This breakdown in communication further compounds the issues we face.

As joints become misaligned and communication breaks down, our bodies slowly slip into a worse position. The resulting stress on our ligaments leads to discomfort and pain. The spine rebels against its unnatural state, causing us to experience pain.

Unlocking Your Body’s True Potential

By addressing these structural issues, chiropractic care can release neurological tension, allowing the brain to function optimally. But what does this mean for you, the patient? First and foremost, it means relief from pain. When your spine is properly aligned and maintained, pain is reduced, and your body can age gracefully.

But the benefits don’t end there. Improved spinal position also increases energy levels, better sleep quality, enhances digestion, and improves breathing. These improvements may not be the primary reason you seek chiropractic care, but they are undoubtedly welcomed side effects.

Listen to a Patient Success Story

We invite you to check out Dr. Dan and Dr. Pascal’s recent podcast for more information and to hear how they used a BTrackS™ balance tracking system to measure a patient’s balance with and without their scoliosis corrective exercises. The system was used to assess the effects of ideal spinal alignment on neurological function.

Listen to the amazing impact it had on her balance and the body’s ability to heal!

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