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Suffering From Back Pain? Discover 7 Surprising Causes

young woman modern office deskNot surprisingly, back pain affects 80% of people at some point in their lives. While injuries and overuse are commonly associated with this type of discomfort, there are lesser-known causes that may be responsible for your pain. Understanding these causes can help you identify the source of your pain and find ways to fix it.

1. Lack of exercise. Not getting enough physical activity can lead to weak back muscles and weight gain, both of which strain the back. Incorporate cardiovascular and strength training exercises into your routine, focusing on building a strong core with exercises targeting the abs and back muscles.

2. Phone usage. Holding your cell phone against your ear with your shoulder can strain the neck, leading to back pain. Opt for headphones to maintain better posture during long phone calls. Additionally, be mindful of texting, as constantly bending your neck downwards can result in similar pain.

3. Your office chair. Prolonged periods of sitting, especially in an unsupportive or uncomfortable office chair, can contribute to back pain. Make sure to take breaks and move around every 45 minutes to an hour. Consider investing in an ergonomic chair that provides proper support for your spine.

4. Worn-out shoes. If you spend a lot of time in a single pair of shoes, ensure they offer adequate support and have intact soles. Proper arch support is essential, as an improper gait due to inadequate footwear can result in back discomfort.

5. Mattress. Spending too much time in one position, particularly on an old or unsupportive mattress, can lead to back pain. Replace your mattress if it no longer provides the necessary comfort and support. Generally, opt for a firmer and more supportive mattress if you’re experiencing pain in the lumbar area.

6. Heavy over-the-shoulder bags. Toting a heavy handbag or backpack on one shoulder can affect your spinal curve and strain your neck. Evaluate your daily load and consider switching to a backpack carried properly on both shoulders. Alternatively, downsize your handbag to reduce its weight.

7. Smoking. Besides the well-known respiratory and cardiovascular health risks, smoking also weakens muscles by reducing the oxygen supply to the body. Weak muscles can contribute to back discomfort, providing yet another reason to kick the habit.

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