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Ice or Heat

The Golden Rule of Ice vs. Heat

You can't go wrong with ice!

You can’t go wrong with ice!

Following an injury or while enduring chronic pain, people are often confused about what relief remedy is best, ice or heat? Let me put your mind to rest by offering this tried-and-true formula:

You can never go wrong with ice!

Why Ice is Golden

Whether you’ve twisted an ankle playing soccer or hurt your back while gardening, any kind of acute injury will produce swelling and inflammation.
By placing heat on an injured area, all you’ll produce is a temporary feeling of relief … but more swelling and inflammation!

Ice is always the remedy of choice following an injury because it allows your body to recover more quickly and initiates the healing process.

When is it OK to Use Heat?

The use of a heat-pack is valuable in helping a chronic, long-standing problem. Heat is preferred in this circumstance because:

• It helps to warm up the incvolved joint
• It allows for increased circulation and removal of toxins in the area
• It contributes to greater mobility of the joint

Having said this, it’s still wise to ice the affected area following activity to help reduce ongoing inflammation.

Remember: If you’re not sure, put ice on it! If you still can’t decide, give us a call or stop in and we’ll help you determine what’s best for your injury.

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