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Get on a Roll Toward Making Lasting Spinal Correction

Spine example imageHas neck pain become a daily nuisance that keeps you from living your best life? We’re here to help. In addition to chiropractic care to help alleviate your neck pain, we provide patients with the cervical Denneroll for home traction. This pillow-like device is designed with curves, angles, and ridges to help rebuild the C curve in the cervical spine.

The Denneroll comes in many sizes and variations. These will be specific to height, age, condition of your spine, and the problems that we see. The cervical type is probably the most common.

The goal of home traction is to permanently change those ligaments and muscles in the neck. Ideally, you’ll get adjustments to get the bones to move to take the pressure off the nerve. Then traction with the Denneroll will make a difference in those ligaments and muscles. Think of it as a bit like how braces permanently change the position of teeth.

How to Use One

Dr. Dan and Dr. Pascal explain how to use the Denneroll.

Always use the device on the floor at home. Start with 3 minutes per day, and add 1 minute per day until you’re constantly achieving 15 minutes. It’s crucial to get 15 minutes of use every day. Otherwise, it won’t create that critical long-lasting spinal correction.

Put the neck roll at the base of your neck, which allows that nice curve to come back into the neck. It’s stretching to reteach those ligaments and muscles to hold a new position.

Once you achieve your time for the day, don’t sit up right away. Instead, pull the roll out from your neck and rest on the ground, before sitting up. After a minute or two of rest, you can then sit up. If you sit up too quickly, you may feel dizzy or a little “off.”


If you’re sore after using the Denneroll, place ice on the back of your neck for 15 minutes to help decrease any inflammation and cool things down.

If you have any questions about using the Denneroll, contact our Winnipeg chiropractic practice today!

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