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Exercise and Your Adjustment

We hear a lot of different questions at Lindenwoods Chiropractic. This month I wanted to address one of the more common ones we hear.

Is it okay to exercise following a chiropractic adjustment?

Yoga is a great complement to your chiropractic adjustment

Yoga is a great complement to your chiropractic adjustment

The ideal action to take after receiving an adjustment is to move your body.

This is far superior to returning to your desk at work and sitting for another eight hours.

Here are some great ways to get your body in motion:

• Take a brisk walk
• Head to the gym for a workout
• Practice yoga
• Stretch your muscles

The Brain’s Powerful Re-set Button

Anytime the body moves, it’s almost like a “re-set” button is activated in the brain.

For instance, if someone’s had a misaligned spine for years, the body’s configurations are set in a specific pattern. They’re more or less “locked in”, and your health will reflect that pattern. After an adjustment, however, the body parameters make a change for the better!

If you move your body following an adjustment, the body is greatly assisted in retaining the cellular memory of the new position. That change culminates in a “re-set” in the brain itself! This means that your adjustments will be more efficient and hold for a longer period of time if you follow them with exercise.

This is good news for you!

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