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Effects of Posture

Rounded or slumped shoulders. A head that’s tilted forward. These are some of the signs of poor posture. We see lots of this in our office and more and more over the last few decades.

One of the key contributors of this bad posture is we’re sitting a lot more which rounds our shoulders. Our head starts to tilt way forward, and all of this puts a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on our bodies.

For most people when they think of posture they believe it could cause tight muscles and more stiffness and soreness. For some people, it affects how they look. They get that rounded hump at the upper part of their back, and it doesn’t look good. The effects of posture are so much more than the outside appearance.

Poor Posture and Disability

There was a study done in 2013 that revealed that the effects of bad posture increase the rate of disability by an astounding 393%!! Disability as how it was described is the inability to perform your required acts of daily living. A key takeaway is that as people age the #1 thing that they truly want (which they may or may not know) is their independence.

Imagine being able to live into your 90s and remain in your house, tend the garden and be independent. For most, that would be preferable to being 65 years old and not able to do what you’d like to because of disability.

Problems of Posture Deviations

One key thing that affects the study participants’ disability is the prolonged and increased posture deviations. The further forward the head goes is the #1 predictor of this increased disability. So the further forward someone’s head goes the more disability they’re going to have so they won’t be able to do their ordinary acts of daily living.

Accompanying Health Problems

Poor posture also affects the inner parts of the body with significantly more heart and lung issues, digestive problems and immune system issues in addition to an increase in pain and discomfort. Lack of ability to sleep and everything else is also affected. Those with poor posture also can suffer from compression fractures as they age.

Start Good Habits Now

Forty years ago there were no iPads that kids seem to be looking at constantly. Let’s say there’s a 4-year-old who spends most of the day with their head way forward. What will that person look like when they’re 30, 40 or 50?

Getting people to have proper habits early on is important so that as they get older, they can maintain those healthy habits. That what we want to be aware of. We try to teach patients to have those good habits now and correct what is correctable before things get worse.

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